Tunnel: anatomy of a collage

 by Paul DiLascia
The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.   

Where does a dream collage begin? Perhaps an image grabs me, perhaps I have a vague idea of some theme or idea I want to explore. The process is as much discovery as creation—sometimes even pure accident. In the case of Tunnel, I wanted to use the Gaudi cathedral, and for a while I'd wanted do something with 911. Gradually, the images assembled themselves—from the internet, magazines, my own photos...

World Trade Center
World Trade Center

Wreckage of 911...
World Trade Center World Trade Center

Sagrada Familia Someone's vacation photo looking up inside one of the spires of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.
Machinery, pipes, rusty gears, a reactor vessel... 
Machinery Machinery Machinery
in decay.
Pool of water Pool from a Roman ruin.
Something ancient about it. 
Fall of great empires...
Iraqi boy with gun Iraqi in a dust storm.
or frightened boy?
Fido by the sea, strange sea plants, rocky beach...
Dog Sea plants Sea plants Rocks

Skulls, skulls... ancient, modern...

...and more skulls:

The final result Next


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