digital dream collage ?
Dream collage illuminates the unconscious. Dream collage illuminates the unconscious.

It's no accident the lexicographers chose a collage of conflicting memories to illustrate the broader meaning of collage, for collage is ideally suited for explorations of memory and conflict. In dreams, seemingly random fragments from everyday life (Freud's manifest content) become fused with childhood memories to express an idea, wish or conflict. In digital dream collage, images from popular culture provide the fodder. I gather my fragments whereever I can: ads, books, catalogs, magazines, postcards, the internet, my own photographs....

We live in a culture awash with images.

Just as the manifest content is not the dream, but merely the raw material it co-opts to reveal something deeper—so too dream collage does not attempt to portray, evoke or comment upon the quotidian world from which its fragments come. No: this is a world where ceilings open to the cosmos and floors turn to parched desert, where mouths emerge from volcanoes and orchids feed on nipples. Here children can become sinister and death beautiful. It's the kind of place a surrealist would love, a strange and primitive place where time, scale, perspective, logic, color and meaning are subverted to liberate the irrational. Images appear and reappear, asserting themselves like familiar friends. The collection speaks to itself; it is a metadream.

Do I select the images or do they select me?
Salon detail: Artist as a boy.

Wait—Something seems oddly familiar... That's one of my mother's paintings hanging on the wall... And that's me as a child, sitting in the chair reading my book. The salamander's shell is a photo I took in Puerto Rico; the chimp and stars evoke my fascination with evolution. The women are sublimations of sex and death. Buddha is wisdom. The funnel, a joke.

I recognize this place: It's my own unconscious, erupting on the screen!

It is a dangerous world.Next
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manifest content (man'-ə-fěst' kon'-tent) noun
The content of a dream as it is recalled by the dreamer in psychoanalysis, as opposed to the latent content = the underlying meaning or wish as exposed through interpretation of its symbols or free association.