Raoul Hausmann - 1920 - Tatiln At Home

Raoul Hausmann, 1920

Tatiln At Home
collage of pasted papers and gouache
National Museum, Stockholm

Hausmann made countless collages, photomontages and sculptural assemblages. He embodied the spirit of Dada in his manifesto:

"The doll a child throws away, a brightly coloured scrap of cloth, are more essential expressions than those of all the jackasses who wish to transplant themselves for all eternity in oil-paints into an endless number of front parlours...CUBISTIC, ORPHISM, FUTURISM... L'Art Dada will offer them a fabulous rejuvenation, an impulse towards the true experience of all relationships...In Dada you will recognize your true state: wonderful constellations in real materials, wire, glass, cardboard, cloth, organically matching your own consummate, inherent inwardness, your own shoddiness." [Source: History of Collage by Eddie Wolfram, p. 80]

Tatlin at Home is Hausmann's portrait of Vladimir Tatlin, a Russian collagist who made "collaged-reliefs" from scrap materials like wood, metal, paper, glass and plaster. [Ibid, p. 54]

True to the spirit of dada/collage, I used Tatlin in one of my own collages.

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