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I grew up in Manhattan. My mother was an artist; my father teaches philosophy. I went to Columbia College and earned a degree in mathematics from MIT. For 13 years I wrote the "C++ Q & A" column for Microsoft's MSDN Magazine. I've always felt drawn by the worlds of emotion and intellect. Digital dream collage is the perfect medium for me. It lets me explore the unconscious using tools that are technical and precise.

I believe computers can be used to create art. Not the synthetic constructions of 3D animation or virtual reality, where technology becomes an end in itself—but real art, where the message transcends the medium. Art that aspires to communicate. To convey an idea, a mood, a feeling. Art that's personal and yet attempts to touch the universal. Art that has the power to seduce.

about the dream gallery

Over 70 digital collages suitable for display on hi-res LCD (the dream screen) or framed prints. The images you see in this web gallery are reproduced at low resolution. Originals are hi-res. For more information, write me.


past exhibits

December 10, 2007 January 9, 2008 • Strange PoliticsCaladan Gallery • online
November 28, 2007 - January 8, 2008 • Arsenal Members ShowArsenal Center for the Arts • Watertown, MA
May - Oct 2007 • inner life • Gallery 1581 • Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis • Brookline, MA
May - Oct 2007 • Art270 project • Washington Mills • 250 Canal Street • Lawrence, MA
May 2007 • landscapes/mindscapes • Gallery 181 • 181 Canal Street • Lawrence, MA
October 2006 • Seekers and Visions • Gallery 181 • Lawrence, MA
May 7, 2006 • Art's new directions on displayMention in Boston Globe
April 2006 • Grand Opening • Gallery 181 • Lawrence, MA
August 2005 • Solo Winner in digital art contestCaladan Gallery


"Paul DiLascia draws imagery from existing irony. He combines phenomena to create the ultimate statement of contemporary dissolution... His juxtaposition of icons combine to reveal a future in which destruction becomes a common experience, and one which its inhabitants accept with resolution. We have been alerted!"

Marjorie Kaye
Caladan Gallery

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