About Us

What We Do:

We wanted to start something that would help people reach for and achieve their dreams. Vision boards are powerful tools that help us pinpoint what we want, keep our goals and priorities in focus, and give us a daily reminder to go out there and create the life that was meant for us!

DreamCollage vision boards are special in a few ways:

  1. The process is easy! No more hunting through magazines, cutting out pictures, gluing them to a poster board. No need to figure out complicated online design software. Just choose a design, personalize it, and we will print and ship your vision board.
  2. Beautiful, professional designs produce a vision board you are proud to hang on your wall. 
  3. Our designs include sections for action items that will help keep you on track to achieve your dreams.

Our Mission:

We believe in dreaming big. We believe every life-changing journey starts with a single step. We believe that we are all capable of accomplishing AMAZING things.

It is our mission to help people envision and create the life of their dreams.

Our Values:

  1. To spread joy and inspiration.
  2. To conduct business in a responsible way.
  3. To provide exceptional service.